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The International Wedding Trend Report 2020  

Every year the Wedding Academy produces the International Wedding Trend Report which has become known as the trend bible for the wedding industry. They collaborate with over 100 wedding professionals globally to bring you the latest trends they see emerging for the forthcoming season. Are you ready to find our what’s trending in weddings for […]

Sweet Celebration interview in “The Big Book For The Big Day”

A while ago some people asked me give some tips regarding ordering a wedding cake. As a result of this interview a small article was printed in a special wedding book: The Big Book For The Big Day”. Please read all in the link below 🙂 The book is the must for each couple planning […]

Step by step wedding cake ordering process

From the first email I get from a prospective bride, ideas are usually buzzing round my head, thinking up designs and imagining the finished cake. The first thing I ask is how many people they want to feed, this gives me an idea of how big the cake will be. It also provides a fairly good indication of […]