Because every wedding cake, celebration cake, sweet table or thanks gifts are uniek, we are able to provide the correct price only after all have been discussed and agreed.

Below we are presentie the starting prices for each of our sweets.

Wedding cakes:

Naked, semi naked and cream covered cakes – starting price is  7,50  euro per person;

Fondant wedding cakes  – starting price is 8,00 euro per person;

Sweet tables:

We recommend 4 to 5 sweets per person.  For a lighter dessert serving, 3 per person will suffice but if you want to treat your guests to a fully indulgent dessert course,  6 – 8 per person is wonderful.

Choose a selection from our petite dessert menu or ask for a personal favorite.

Arrangement of the entire table: starting price 50.00 eur for birthdays and baby shower and from 100.00 eur for weddings and company events. This price includes all necessary cake stands and  set up. 

Custom styling and decorations provided by customer  – from 55,00 eur styling fee;

Custom styling and decorations provided by Sweet Celebration  – from 55,00 eur  plus cost of decorations.

An equipment security deposit is required

Celebrating cakes:

Cakes decorated with sugar paste – starting price is 6.75 eur per person with minimum order for 80,00 eur 10-12 servings);

Cake decorated with butter cream – starting price is 6,00 eur per person with minimum order for 70,00 eur (10-12 servings);

Petite dessert menue:


– Mini cupcakes – starting price with basic, traditional decoration 2,25 euro per piece (minimum order 12pcs per flavor)

– Regular cupcakes – starting price with basic, traditional decoration 3,25 euro per piece (minimum order 6pcs per flavor)

– Cupcakes with prints ( company logo, own pictures ) and 2D decorations (flat) 3,75 eur for regular size and 2,75 eur for mini size  (minimum order 12pcs per flavor),

– Cupcakes with 3D decorations (flowers, figures) starts from 4.00 eur and only  for regular size cupcakes  (minimum order 6 pcs per flavor),

Cookies end Madelines:

Sugar cookies/Gingerbread cookies decorated with royal icing or sugar paste ( minimum order 15 pcs)

  • size 7-10cm starting price 3,00 eur;
  • Custom cookis with name or company logo  starting price 3,25eur;
  • Cookies individually wrapped in plastic bag cost 0,25 eur extra;
  • Specialty items (gift baskets, cookie platters, edible images, etc.) priced upon request.
  • Peanut cookies – pack of 10 cookies 6,00 eur
  • Natural Madelines – pack of 12 pcs 8,00 eur
  • Madelines with fruits – pack of 12 pcs 10,00 eur


  • Macarons 1,50 eur (minimum order 10 st per flavor)
  • Box of 2 macarons (min order 10 boxes) 4,50 eur
  • Logo op macarons (min order 20 pcs) 0,45 eur
  • Mini pavlova withs whipped cream and berries – 3,50 eur (minimum order 12)
  • Mini New York cheesecakes with fresh fruits  – 3,75 eur (minimum order 12)
  • Mini lemon meringue pie – 2,80 eur (minimum order 12)
  • Mini white chocolate raspberry pie 3.25 eur (minimum order 12)
  • Chocolade mousse – 2,90 eur (minimum order 12)
  • Strawberry mouse – 3.20 eur (minimum order 12)
  • Tiramisu – 3,50 eur (minimum order 12)
  • Pannacotte with raspberries 3.50 eur (minimum order 12)

Other cakes and pies:

8 servings (20 cm) cost 28,00 eur, 12 servings (24 cm) cost 36,00 eur

  • Banoffee pie
  • Lemon meringue pie
  • Pecan pie

12-14 servings (20 cm) cost 36,00 our, 16-18 servings (24 cm) cost 45,00 eur

  • Carrot cake with cream cheese icing
  • Red velvet cake cream cheese icing
  • New York Cheesecake 

Cake pops: (minimum order – 10 cake pops of the same flavor)

• Basic Cake Pops  2,80 eur each,

• Theme Cake Pops, starting at 3,00 eur each

• Cake Pop individually wrapped in plastic bag 0,25 eur extra.

. Cakesicles starting price 3.50 eur each. (minimum order 6 cakesicles, the same flavor and dessign)

If you have a favorite dessert you would like on your buffet and it is not on my menu, please ask.

Thank you sweet gifts:

As sweet thank you gift for a wedding or other celebration we can offer custom made cookies, macarons, cupcakes or mini cupcakes. The pricing is between 2,00 and 8,00 our per sweet.

There is possible to attached to each sweet personalized card.


Delivery cost depend on the number of kms, counting from our Cake Design Studio to delivery address and return.

– Haarlem, Heemstede, Overveen 3,50 – 6,00 eur

– Santpoort,Velsen,Blemendaal 10,00 er

– Wijk aan Zee, Bevervwijk, Hillegom, Hoofddorp, Zandvoort 15,00 eur

– Lisse, Aalsmeer 25,00 eur

– Amsterdam,Castricum, Alkmaar 30,00 eur

– Leiden 35,00 eur

– Den Haag 45,00 eur

– Overige locaties op aanvraag

Pick up from our Studio is always free of charges.

Cake stand rental fee:

Renting a cake stand for wedding cake or cupcakes will make our sweets looking even more chick.

By Sweet Celebration you can rent a various cake and cupcakes stands which will perfectly fit your design.

The rental fee starts from 15,00 eur for 5 days plus deposit.