At Sweet Celebration we are passionate about our flavors and ingredients. We strive to offer something different to our clients, aiming to push the boundaries a little by offering interesting flavors that can be a talking point for guests. All of our cakes and sweet treats are made fresh to order using organic butter, free range eggs, fine Belgian Chocolate, Madagascan Vanilla and seasonal fruit where possible. We make everything from scratch, from jams, curds, and syrups to all our fillings..it is what we love to do! Our menus are a carefully chosen selection of our most popular flavors but we are happy to tailor flavors to suit your requirements!

Note: Fillings such as cream or mousse must be stored in the refrigerator. If you would like to keep the cake for longer time outside the fridge? Let us know, we replace these fillings by an alternative that can be stored outside the cooling system.


Popular flavors:

Strawberry vanilla 

Vanilla cake filled with fresh strawberries mousse and vanilla cream

Strawberry, Champagne & Elderflower

Vanilla cake infused with Elderflower Syrup

filled with champagne butter-cream and pieces of fresh strawberries.

Raspberry Lemon

Vanilla cake filled with lemon curd, vanilla and light raspberry cream.

Fresh lemon, sweet creamy filling. Other summer favorite. You must like lemon

White chocolate and raspberry

Vanilla cake filled with white chocolate filling and fresh raspberries

For all white chocolate lovers, of real Callebaut chocolate. Pretty fresh by fresh raspberries.

White chocolate & Passion fruit 

Vanilla cake filled with white chocolate filling and passion fruit curd. On request we can add  roasted coconut

Tropical flavors, so perfect for a summer wedding.


Vanilla cake filled with vanilla cream  and small pieces of dark chocolate and strawberry jam


Vanilla cake filled with vanilla cream cream and small pieces of oreo cookies

Salted Caramel Cake:

Vanilla sponge cake filled in with salted caramel buttercream and salted caramel sauce


Chocolate flavors: 

Our dark chocolate cakes are fluffy, not too sweet and taste very chocolate however chocolate cake tastes always more powerful than a vanilla cake. These flavors are perfect for the cold autumn and winter weddings and other celebrations. For real chocolate lovers, they can also be used as a dessert after dinner all year long. Do you want to serve the cake on your wedding day in the summer at the proost moment? Then, in addition to the chocolate flavor will be nice to choose for a one of our vanilla flavor (multiple flavors in a cake).


Dark chocolate cake filled with cherry and vanilla mascarpone cream

Banana Dream

Dark chocolate cake filled with vanilla cream and small pieces of dark chocolate and fresh banana

Chocolate Dream 

Dark chocolate cake filled with raspberry jam and dark chocolate ganache

Dark Chocolate & Raspberry 

Dark chocolate cake filled with dark chocolate ganache and raspberry cream

Chocolate & Forest fruits

Dark chocolate cake filled with light forest fruit cream and chocolate ganache

Chocolate & mocha 

Dark chocolate cake filled with espresso cream and small pieces of pour chocolate

Chocolate peanut butter

Dark chocolate cake filled with peanut buttercream



Special flavors:

Would you like t0 have flavors “different than others”? You can try one of our special flavors combinations. 

Red velvet cake 

Red velvet cake with a light cocoa flavor filled with vanilla monchou cream.

Carrot cake 

Carrot cake with small pieces of pecans and pistachios, filled with vanilla monchou cream,

Humid, moist, full of flavor. Nuts give a nice bite. Not just for an autumn wedding.

Even more special? Fill the cake with salted caramel cream instead of vanilla monchou cream.


Vanilla cake sponge filled in with vanilla mascarpone cream, real chocolate, coffee, and marsala wine More suitable for adults.

Lemon Thyme Cake:

Light lemon cake sponge delicately filled with the aroma of fresh thyme filled in with vanilla buttercream, fresh-made lemon curd.

Raspberries with pistachios

Vanilla cake filled in with raspberry filling, pistachios filling and a special pistachios crunch

Rosemary with wild berries and lime

Vanilla cake with rosemary twist, filled in with wild berries filling and fresh lime curd.



Chocolate heaven:

Chocolate cupcake topped with rich chocolate cream frosting;

Vanilla beauty:

Vanilla cupcake topped with vanilla cream frosting;


Mix of chocolate cupcake with vanilla cream frosting or different way around;

Red velvet:

Buttery and smooth red velvet cupcake dressed in rich vanilla cream frosting;

Pecan pie & maple cupcake:

Pecan cupcake topped with light maple cream frosting;

Lemon meringue cupcake:

Moist and light vanilla cake infused with house-made lemon curd and topped with meringue frosting;

Lemon & raspberry cupcake:

Vanilla-raspberry cupcake topped with lemon cream frosting and dressed with fresh raspberry;

Chocolate raspberry cupcakes:

Chocolate-raspberry cupcake topped with chocolate cream frosting and fresh raspberry;

Oreo cupcakes:

Vanilla cupcakes filled with small pieces of Oreo cookies, topped with vanilla/Oreo cream frosting and piece of Oreo cookie;

Chocolate & cherries:

Moist chocolate cupcake topped with cherry cream frosting, cherry and some chocolate sprinkles;

Strawberries & cream:

Vanilla cupcakes filled with fresh strawberries and topped with vanilla frosting and half of fresh strawberry;

Banana toffee:

Chocolate cupcakes infused with soft caramel and topped with banana cream frosting;

Salted Caramel:

Vanilla cupcakes infused with soft salty caramel and topped with caramel frosting;

Apple toffee:

Vanilla cupcakes with small pieces of fresh apple topped with caramel cream frosting;

Banana cupcakes with chocolate peanut butter frosting:

Super-moist banana cupcakes topped with milk chocolate and peanut butter swirled frosting;

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate peanut butter frosting: 

Double chocolate cupcakes topped with milk chocolate and peanut butter;

Carrot & walnut cupcake:

Very moist carrot cake cupcake covered with vanilla butter cream frosting;


Light coffee cupcake infused with chocolate ganache and topped with coffee mascarpone frosting and dusted with cacao powder;

Gingerbread cupcake ( Christmas collection):

Gingerbread cupcake, topped with lemon cream frosting;

Spiced pumpkin (Autumn collection):

Pumpkin cupcakes topped with cinnamon cream frosting;



Madagascar vanilla

Pure chocolate




Salty caramel






PLEASE NOTE: All our cakes are made using eggs, butter, milk, cream and cereals containing gluten and have been made in a kitchen where nuts are used.