About us

My name is Kasia and baking is my passion ever since. Every free moment I am spending looking for new ideas, techniques and flavours. I am proud of my cakes and quality, which is essential for me. Each cake is filled and prepared with love.
If you are looking for new and exciting cake flavours and design then the Sweet Celebration is the right place. We can offer you exciting wedding, birthday, children and other occasions cakes and flavours that will surely be the talk of the party. We guarantee that all our cakes will be the perfect amount of sweet!
My cakes are not too sweet. I believe flavor should be celebrated: good quality chocolate, lemons, cream cheese, vanilla beans... not sugar, so I don't use it where it's not necessary. Let the raspberries speak for themselves 🙂
We have a clean, contemporary style inspired by art, fashion and a love for incorporating beautiful details and rich textures. We treat each cake as its own unique masterpieces a perfect fusion of our taste and your individual style. My cakes are crafted using the finest quality ingredients and we believe that our passion for developing amazing recipes with a commitment to quality ingredients is what sets us apart.
We have something to suit every occasion whether you have a birthday, wedding, kitchen tea, corporate event or you just want to sit back and relax with a cup of tea and one of our delicious cakes, cupcakes, cookies of pies.