Wedding cakes

A combination of unique design, expertly skilled sugarcraft, and delectable flavors mean that when you order a cake from us, you can be confident that it will look stunning and taste delicious too.

No two couples are the same and therefore no two wedding cakes should ever be the same! On your wedding day, you should have a wedding cake that is specially created just for you.

We would love to meet you to gain a true understanding of your wedding style and requirements. We offer a consultation and tasting to ensure you have the perfect wedding cake. Visit the contact page to book a wedding cake consultation or make an enquiry.

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Wedding tasting and consultation:

Planning a large event can definitely get overwhelming, and with so many delightful desserts and cakes to choose from, we know you may need a little help figuring out just what you need. Just call or send us a email with your event date, guest count, and a bit about your event and we’ll be happy to set up a meeting.

At the meeting, you’ll have a chance to sit down  not only to taste a variety of cake flavors and desserts, but we’ll be able to help you narrow down your design ideas and help flesh out a concrete design for your cake.

To-go tasting box:

If you already have a good idea of what you’re looking to order and do not require a formal consultation, but would still like to taste our desserts, we do offer a to-go sample box.

Fondant wedding cakes

Fondant cakes are still popular style of wedding cake.  The fondant on the cake provides endless ways to decorate it.  It is easy to create cakes that are modern and clean, and also cakes that are textured and layered!

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Buttercream wedding cakes:

Our buttercream cakes are made with delicious and silky Swiss Meringue.  These wedding cakes are incredibly versatile and are wonderful for rustic designs but also clean and modern designs.  These wedding cakes and great for those who are not a fan of fondant while still providing a variety of options!

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Semi-naked and naked wedding cakes

Naked cakes have been a very popular.  The truly naked cakes offer a very rustic feel while the semi-naked cakes keep a modern touch.  These wedding cakes are especially beautiful when topped with fresh fruit or flowers!

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Little thank you gifts

Surprise your wedding guests with little sweet gift. Hand crafted cookies, cake pops or macarons are the perfect treats. You can also choose a sweet box for your parets or a very special guests.