The situation with the global pandemic surprised us all. No one was expecting to face this kind of disease and lockdown.

This situation touched all of us 🙁

Sweet Celebration having also a very bad time and needed to adjust to a new situation.

At this moment we received a lot of requests for postponing the orders or what happens with the already paid amount when the order cannot go on.

Understanding this critical situation and being grateful to all our customers, for understanding also our situation as a company and not canceling the orders, we would like to be flexible and to give everyone the possibility of using their already aid amount for up to 1 year from the first order due date.

Hope this will give you plenty of possibilities to use the already paid amount for another occasion. You can also split this amount between several smaller orders, which we created especially for this time of Covid and there are all available in our online store.

In case of any questions, please send us an e-mail to

Stay healthy, better days will come 🙂




Sweet Celebration